The National DARIAH Coordination Office Switzerland officially joined DARIAH ERIC as Observer on January 1, 2021. Before joining nationally, Switzerland participated in DARIAH through a number of institutions that joined with the status of Cooperating Partners. In November 2020, the General Assembly of the DARIAH ERIC voted unanimously to accept Switzerland’s application for the status of Observer in the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities for a period of three years.

DARIAH’s activities in Switzerland are coordinated by DaSCH. PD Dr. Rita Gautschy, director of DaSCH, is acting as National Coordinator, while Dr. Cristina Grisot, National Coordination Manager, organises all DARIAH-CH activities and manages the DARIAH requests for Switzerland. Prof. Dr. Tobias Hodel, from the University of Bern, is acting as president of the DARIAH-CH Consortium.